Tuesday 27 February 2018

Freelance vs full-time graphic designer job

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Freelance designer vs full-time

Between the freedom of freelance designing and limits of a full-time job, Having peace and comfort making living is a long story for a graphic designer. In this post I will talk about the advantages and dis-advantages of office work and freelance.

First: The full-time designer

Let's say you already finished a design program in a collage or an online course, And ready to get in the market and take a position as a designer, In this level the full-time job is the best step for you to start your career. Usually you will get a junior position but it has a lot of benefits.

Advantages of office work

The office working environment is a great society to meet people and seniors to start professionally and take the right directions to know your career market. In full-time job you will get :

Stable Salary

Yeah, Annually, monthly or weekly you will get a fixed stable salary to secure the full-time job employee life. So you will not be worry about your bills and living costs.

The full-time position benefits

A full-time job employee enjoy working with people and office benefits like getting the right tools for his job, taking experience by dealing daily with senior designers and he has the chances to get more project to enhance his skills.

Career developing

In office environment you can develop your position from being a junior design to reach senior or even an art director position and that position will effect in your next job and how the next employer will evaluate your experience and skills. And it's a benefit that freelancers don't get.

End of service gratuity

Gratuity is real assist if the full-time designer is leaving his position or moving to another job after years of service. However, the indemnity amount is different from country to another depending on the labors law. But usually it's fair enough and helpful until getting a new job or starting new work.

Dis-advantages of office work

Stability is limits

The income of full-time job designer is fixed, A salary with some benefits. So whatever big project he has he still gets his same payment.

Working Hours

Most of full-time jobs attached employees to long working hours. From 6 to 10 hours and 5 to 6 days a week. Putting the designer life in limited daily routine which can effect negatively in his productivity and his relationships with family and others.

Full-time is not a permanent!!

I really don't know how employers write (Permanent / Full-time) when they are advertising for a new positions. Because in any day you may lose your job for more experienced designer or get terminated for any simple problem in the work.

Second: Freelance designing

They say "Life is too short to be working for someone else's dream". Starting freelance to make living is a hard decision to take. The market is big but there are too many freelance designer offering their services. But that doesn't mean freelancer aren't getting a lot of projects. The successful freelancers get so much projects and earn a lot of money.

Advantages of freelance designing


Freedom is the key of happy life, The freelancer has the flexibility to sleep, wake up and work at anytime he wants. And having peace and comfort while designing is positive factor to be more creative, and that's why we see very fresh ideas from freelance designer all the time.

The Sky is the limit

Not like the salaried jobs the freelance graphic designers have no limits earning money. They can meet clients locally, get jobs online and having their own passive income. There are so many platforms to sell your artworks or to get jobs as freelance designer such as Freelancer, 99designs, Graphicrevier and CreativeMarket.

Being the boss of yourself

A freelance designer hasn't to report for a higher position or a manger. He do his own business for himself. Freelancers report directly to their clients and that's allow them to earn the powerful to own and manage a business and understand the sales niche instead of just designing.

Dis-advantages of freelance designing

Non-stable income

It depends on the project that's freelance designer gets and the quality of his clients. In the starts freelancer will face difficulties on getting projects. That's why you should make sure you can survive at least 6 months before you leave your job and shift to freelancer.


Being in office allows you to meet people and engaged with the society and you will miss this as a freelancer.

Graphic design depends on creativity, that's why many designers prefer to work freelance to feel more flexibility and freedom. And also the passive income is a high target that most of the graphic designers try to reach. At the end taking a decision of being a freelancer or a full-time designer is up to your experience, relations and finical situation. Let me know what you prefer. Peace !!
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