Tuesday 13 February 2018

Simple but effective logos

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Designing an icon that the whole world will remember it, It's hard thing. But designing a simple logo that effect as a unique brand that's the hardest thing. It's not like thinking out of the box because you have to look inside the box before you go out of it. A different way to think and easy way to inspire yourself.

The Nike Swoosh, just a simple logo of the famous Nike shoe brand all over the world. Today this simple brand worth $26 billion as per Wikipedia. Carolyn Davidson she is designer who created the logo for the company while she was only student at Portland State University in 1971. And she designed it for only $35!.

We can see the evolution of the Nike logo from the picture above, In 1978 it was a big move taking the text of NIKE to the Futura Bold and above the the check symbol. However it's not like the current logo which achieving a real impact in a simple look registering a strong brand that the whole world will recognize it better.

In my opinion the post got the best two logo in the world until this moment by including Nike and Apple Inc. logos. When you look at the fist logo design for Apple you ask yourself what is this!, Because it's like a product label design now a days. The idea of Sir Isaac Newton sitting under the tree was really great but the way the designer Ronald Wayne transfer it to logo was complicated for a logo design at least in our current days.

The current Apple logo is showing the mentality of the founder Steve Jobs and the way he inspired by his visit to an apple farm to name the company "Apple" just for fun. And the bite idea of designer Rob Janoff which he used in the rainbow logo he designed was the real touch to give the apple logo the fun factor that Jobs thought about when he named the company.

By the nature, Human always for the easiest way for him to understand anything. Those simple brands are very effective in the life and gaining larger value by the time. In the end of this post i would like to remind you by the slogan of Apple Inc " Think Different".

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