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Logo usage guidelines

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logo usage guidelines

Branding process is a long journey that's start with small important things like choosing colors, fonts and patterns to be as a clear guidelines to save time through that journey. However, As a logo designer you need to make your work professional by giving your client a guidelines to use their logo in the right positions and areas.

To create logo usage guidelines you need to focus first in logo spaces, colors, backgrounds behind the logo and patterns that include the logo of part of it.

1. Colors

Of course you already chose the colors of the logo when you created it, But wait, What colors library  book you are using ? PANTONE+ solid coated is perfect color book to use because it's well known in the printing and digital fields and the manufactures around the world are creating many materials in the colors of that color library. So your client will not find and difficulties to find his logo colors in the market. In your guidelines you should provide the colors PANTONE, the CMYK and the RGB values.

2. Backgrounds

For the visually terms of the logo, background should match the logo colors perfectly. The white color background is exist at many places so it should be a basic thing in your logo usage guidelines. Then one dark color background to reflect the view of the logo .After that you need to look at the colors that may give more meaning to the brand to put in your guidelines.

3. Patterns

Patterns are those graphics that give branding powerful impact and luxuriates. Imagine a white coffee cup with only logo and another cup with a pattern that include the logo or part of it. Which one will you recognize next time you will see a part of that cup? Giving one or two patterns with logo will make your work professional.

The logo usage guidelines is just a simple thing from the full brand guidelines which include everything that the brand maybe on one day like : Signage, vehicle wrapping, wall & glass branding, fonts families and more. And usually designers provide this kind of full guidelines as a separate service not included with logo design.
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