Wednesday 14 February 2018

The best sources to find fonts for your logos designs

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fonts for logo design

Choosing a font is mean point in the logo design process. The right fonts library will make your design process easier and faster. However, the style of the logo you are creating will judge on the fonts you should use.

From playful to modern to luxury to the formal fonts, there is a lot of websites as a sources of free and paid fonts that every designers need to help him in his design. In this post I will mention the best sources to find fonts that I use.

One of the best places for graphic elements, GraphicRiver has a big section for fonts for reasonable prices, And give you the license to use the fonts you buy in your logo designs. As a tip to use GraphicRivers best fonts choose the new fonts when you search for a specific style because this website has new designers always.

For sure you know Google Fonts, It's the best place I use to find free unique fonts. And always it's my first reference when searching for a font for my logos designs. Google Fonts gives you a license to use the fonts and has big library and continued updates.

Whenever Google Fonts rich of good free fonts, Creative Market is the best place for fonts, Even it paid but still has professional fonts designers around the world. Also, you will find always fonts bundle offers with discounts which is the best way to get more good fonts for low cost.

As a designer, You should try to create your own font family, And it's not hard to do so. There are many ways to create a font and I'll share some in another detailed post. And just for your information their is one font designer Nicky Laatz who earned over $1 million selling fonts on Creative Market. Enjoy the video about her below. Peace!

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