Sunday 11 February 2018

building your personal brand as a logo designer

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The future is unwritten, No matter how your are comfortable with the company you are working for it's still not yours!. As a logo designer you should think forward to make your name as a brand and you can do that even during your job duties, weekends and vacations.

Personal brand will open for you a wider range to get more clients or even better position in a big companies. In the following three points the method for building personal brand.

1. Your work collages are the secret

During your work hours let your collages and your boss know the value of what you are doing as a logo designer, Tell them how you are effecting in the business by creating a winning logo that's open the opportunity to get more work with the same client.

Help when needed, give suggestions and train junior designers as best as you can. Because you are going to need your collages in the future as references or support anyhow.

2. Create your own logo

Now you want your name to be a brand, every brand has a logo that once you look at it your back mind will work to remind you with that brand name and details. You want your name to stuck in people minds as well so take your time in creating the best logo for your future activity as a designer.

Once you finish with your personal logo, use anywhere online as your profile picture, And let everyone remember your by looking at that logo.

3. Build your personal brand website

Choose the best from the logos you have been designing and put them in online website portfolio. And deal with this website as your startup company. Promote for it using all the available marketing tools for you and keep updating it by posting all new project you are getting and give the people the way to connect with you through your website by putting your mobile number and social channels links.

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