Thursday 8 February 2018

4 things to care about for your startup branding in 2018

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Startup branding in 2018

Wow!, It's 2018, The time is running so fast and within every start of new year there is a lot of motivation to change or to do something new. And for a startup if it is just started or looking for new branding strategy in the new year I have put 4 points that may help for better branding in 2018.

1. Design is important

You are marking your startup name in the market, So make sure that everything about it is unique and in professionally way.

When it comes to designs don't follow your market challengers anyhow. Setup a guidelines for startup brand including every single details like patterns, colors, positions of design elements and even the material that you will use to produce a signage or stationary element.

2. People need to know you !

Through the time people known as storytellers and naturally listen to their each others stories. So in 2018 start tell your startup story to people, Because it's a fact the storytelling been serving almost every successful marketing campaign in a way or another.

While an important part of branding is to tell a story about your brand, more and more marketers are taking an alternate approach. Instead of telling stories about their brand, they are branding themselves as storytellers.

3. You're a brand and you have to build it !

“If you are not a brand, you are a commodity.” - Robert Kiyosaki. Only few of small-business owners investing in brand building and the reason is that many of people don't care about brand building and don't know how important is that.

Imagine to see Pepsi Brand in a green can with an Arial bold font ! Can you visual that ugly can ? Do you think it would give the same impression when you see the current Pepsi logo ? For sure you are realizing now the value of unique brand cause it's effects powerfully in human brains. If you are not investing to build your brand 2018 it's the time to start and remember always the first impression effect.

4. Think Big

It's the time to take a stand and change your brain. Most of entrepreneurs when starting a startup engage with the society of startups trying to share benefits which is good on starts, But think for a second deeply and ask yourself how many benefits you will get if you engaged with the society the existing big companies in your startup niche instead of that small-business society your in ? Grow up fast "human is the son of his environment", There is more than way to engage with big companies in your startup activities. For en example exhibitions, Festivals, National events and more of chances to meet CEO and Sales Persons of big companies and get your brand known in a bigger society than startup's.
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