Monday 5 February 2018

The process of logo design for a company

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Sketch, Snap, Trace and Magic it.

When you about to create a logo for new client take everything simply and be sure that you are the one to get that logo design done. In simple 5 steps I will explain what my process to make professional logos.

1. Understand the nature of the company business

You will not get any good ideas unless you understood very well who is your client. Try to get every possible information about the company like when & where they start, what the special niche of the work and small details about their activities will be useful for you. The try to get any idea from your client about how they want the logo to be because some clients choose the colors and the style of the logo and some give you the freedom to do your own!.

2. Do a lot of sketching

As a graphic designer you should have sketching skills at least basics to draw your ideas on paper first and that's what most of pro designers do. You can watch some YouTube videos about learning sketching as a designer.

3. Snap your sketch

Get your a good camera or your mobile camera and snap the sketch you are okay with and always choose a sketch with good curves and angels.

4. Trace or golden it

After uploading the sketch photo to your Adobe Illustrator you have the option to trace it with pen tool or to use golden ratio circles to make your logo with perfect curves and edges.

5. Colorize (the magic)

You want your logo to shine now. Use RGB mode and select (PANTONE + Solid Coated) from the color book. Choose your desirable colors and do your magic if flat or gradient.

And remember every designer has his own touches so use yours to make your logo unique and keep it simple and clean as much as possible.
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