Saturday 17 March 2018

Microsoft Surface Book 2 review

Review: Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft has released a new Surface Book device in October 2017 with great features and high specs under the name : Microsoft Surface Book 2 and this device is the best alternative for Apple MacBook if you are Windows user. In this post we are going to review the Surface book 2 as designers and see if it's suitable for our work.

Surface Book 2: Design

From the first look at the Surface Book 2 you will know it's a Microsoft device. It's been designed in a industrial look to showcase the best of Windows in every corner. The cool gray color gives Surface Book 2 a professional sense and you will feel very comfortable using the keyboard because it's wide and the keys size is suite your fingers clicks. The display is adjustable and the windows logo on the back looks very cool in silver shines.

Microsoft has innovate in the Surface  Book 2 to match the Surface Studio in the design in order to do branding for the Surface brand in the market which is a late step to take now, But we can see that the company is creating great stuff in the latest years from devices and softwares following Apple with it's iMac & MacBook brands.

Surface Book 2: Display

Surface Book 2 Display

There is two versions of Surface Book 2 one with 13.5'' screen & another with 15'' screen. Both are touchscreen working with the PixelSense™ technology which gives a higher resolution that the 4K and the same display of the Surface Studio. Designed for the Pen and touch perfectly, Totally removable to work on it as a tablet and flip-able if you want to keep the keyboard below it. And the colors of the display has been enhanced as well to give better experience.

Surface Book 2: Specs

A lot of Surface Book 2 options are available with different display size & specs starting from $1.499 for the minimum specs option which is works with the 7th gen of Intel core i5 processor includes 256GB as storage, 8GB RAM and Intel® HD Graphics 620 integrated GPU. But we are going to review the specs of the highest Surface Book 2 which cost $3.299! which runs:
  • 8th gen of Intel core i7 processor with quad cores power
  • 1TB Storage
  • 16GB RAM
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 discrete GPU w/6GB GDDR5 graphics memory
The GTX 1060 is not the best in the market but is best for laptops so far, because there is no mini card of GTX 1080 yet. But the 1060 still gives great performance and handle the graphic design and even the 3D rendering processes easily. Also we can't forget the Pen and Dial gadgets are giving the Surface Book 2 more power and control when it's comes to editing in Photoshop or doing digital painting because it makes the device works as an iPad Pro or a Wacom. It's not comes with in the box so you have to pay more $99 for it.

The device is great and you can find one with specs that match your needs in good prices offers in Amazon or At the end I will leave you with this video review from Dave Lee. Peace !!

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