Saturday 24 March 2018

The importance of mock-up to a graphic designer

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Mock up

The best way to show your design to a client is to present it in the final look. However, to make things look real you have to visualize your design in a realistic mock-up to get your client understanding your ideas and to expect a concept of how your design will be in his product or in his desired project.

Mock-ups are very important to any graphic designer to get his work presented in a professional way. But making realistic mock-ups is not an easy process, You have to get some photography skills and advance Photoshop experience. But every designer started by using ready mock-ups templates which are available free & paid in many sources these days.

Below is a free video tutorial from PHLEARN on how to make a packaging box mock-up in Adobe Photoshop. He is explaining how to map out elements to put a simple sticker on box sides.The real product photo is very important to have your mock-up in a good dimensions and suitable angle.

Now you have an idea of how PSD mock-ups get made, Let's go a bit advance by learning wrapping design on a rounded product as in the video below from Vector Slate.

Mock-ups speed up designer work and gives more attraction on it. I faced that many times, When I present my work as real look clients get happy with my design more than they do when I give the design JPG without mocking it up.

There are a lot of designers who sell their mock-ups online and make good money from that. However, You can get good mock-ups for free from Graphics FuelGraphic Burger and Mockup World. Or paid mock-ups from Creative Market and Graphic River.

To get engaged with mock-up creating take photos of a cup and try to use the techniques in the above videos to make your own mock-up and share it with us on Facebook as a message with your name. We will share the best mock-ups on our page.
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